Tech Champions – How do you identify one when you implement new technology in your construction business?

Story by Gemma Beasley / June 25, 2022

I talked to a candidate yesterday who is the Procore Champion for his company. He has led the training rollout and is the person his team members come to with questions. He believes he was given the task because he is the youngest person on the team.

Don’t assume your youngest team members are the most tech-savvy or the most engaged when implementing a change like a new software rollout. Champions with many years of experience that others in the company look up to can be great proponents for change (and you also need them on board).

Your champions should be passionate about how this new technology can be used practically, regardless of their tech knowledge or years of experience.

Try looking for these qualities:

– Capable of doing things differently
– Can identify and solve problems
– Someone who is respected in the organization
– Can inform the broader organization
– Takes initiative
– Often asks why?

Once you have your champion or team of champions in place, trial the solutions with a small team/ group first and build engagement, recognizing the efforts of your champion(s) along the way.


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