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Planning your next career move? We match construction professionals with general contractors, real estate developers, and owners rep firms. We are picky about who we work with and only want to represent the best employers in the industry.

We hire into the following positions (and more).

  • Project Manager
  • Project Executive
  • Superintendent
  • Estimating and Pre-construction
  • Development
  • VP, Director, and Executive positions

Why find your next job here?

Construction recruiters are everywhere.

But ones you can count on to listen to your preferences and concerns? To actively communicate throughout the hiring process? To deeply understand the trust that goes into letting another person influence your career, so as never to take that for granted?

Those construction recruiters are rare.

At Hudson Cooper Search, we know the difference because we aim to be the difference.

Finding a new job is time-consuming. It can be daunting and deeply uncertain. That’s why we’re so committed to guiding you through the process so it makes everything easier and clearer. You’re never just a number.

By getting to know you fully, we can better match you to opportunities. Not based on keywords, but through knowing which environment and conditions are best placed for you to thrive.

You’ll get interview preparation, help along the way, and regular updates – whether or not there’s concrete news.

And if you simply need a sounding board? We’ll help cut through the noise to find the situation that suits not just your resume and experience, but your long-term career aspirations and goals.

Talk to us today in confidence. Register your interest to be alerted as soon as the right position comes up. Or search our live job postings below.

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Looking to hire?

Construction recruitment agencies are common. Strong partnerships rooted in trust and good communication are rare. Learn why we’re the latter.

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Looking for a new role?

Put your career in the hands of recruiters who know your worth. We focus on your long term success and strive to make your job search process feel effortless.

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