The Brick and Mortar of Talent Attraction: Your Website & Social Media

Story by Gemma Beasley / October 4, 2023

Any construction company’s reputation hinges on the caliber of its craftsmanship. This applies not only to client projects, but also to the employer brand you construct to attract talent. After all, it’s a competitive market and you’re reliant on your team to deliver the work.

So, just as the foundation is critical when erecting a new structure, your website and social media channels are the bedrock for establishing your reputation as a sought-after workplace.

Does Your Digital Space Feel Like Home?

Think of social media as the digital “welcome mat” instantly viewable to candidates. It grabs attention and gives outsiders a peek into your culture. Meanwhile, your website serves as the broader showroom where talent can truly explore your employer brand up close.

So while social media can draw top candidates in, only a thoughtfully-crafted website showroom will convince talent to stick around.

Too often, company websites and social media channels focus entirely on showcasing projects, while forgetting to embrace the opportunity to convey their company culture, values, and employer brand. This overlooks the space that talented candidates will virtually walk through while assessing your company as a potential place to work.

To establish a solid talent attraction strategy, construction companies must leverage their website as the cornerstone of their employer brand. Here are some key ways to reinforce your employer brand and lay the digital groundwork to attract top talent:

  1. Bring Your Culture to Life

Your website and social media channels offer a unique chance to pull back the curtain and provide an insider’s view into your company culture. Take advantage by sharing:

  • Glimpses into special events like holiday celebrations, group volunteer projects, and job site parties.
  • Employee journeys that humanize the culture beyond generic bios.
  • Onboarding experiences from new hires, days in the life of veterans, mentorship spotlights.
  • Multimedia that shows your culture in action, not just tells about it.
  1. Flaunt Your Training Programs

Showcasing robust development opportunities will attract high performing construction pros eager to level up their skills. Demonstrate your investment in talent development by flaunting:

  • Your full range of training programs, from onboarding to safety certifications to ongoing professional development.
  • Specifics like new team member onboarding processes, professional certificates covered, detailed mentorship programs, and average learning investment per employee.
  • Tangible evidence of your genuine commitment to employee growth.
  1. Broadcast Your Community Impact

Today’s talent cares about corporate purpose and values. Stand out by going beyond talking about being an industry leader and highlight how you:

  • Give back by devoting website real estate to volunteer construction projects, fundraising events and sustainability initiatives.
  • Share photos and stories showing how employee volunteerism makes a local impact and drives community change.
  • Provide insights into your greater mission beyond construction.
  1. Curate Authentic Social Proof

Employees’ unfiltered perspectives provide powerful validation. Show you truly listen by:

  • Actively encouraging candid reviews on sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn.
  • Professionally and thoughtfully responding to feedback.
  • Curating excerpts from positive reviews to showcase your employer brand.
  1. Establish Yourself as an Industry Leader

Your website and social media channels are ideal platforms to demonstrate innovative leadership. Use them to showcase:

  • Awards won, milestones achieved, specialty training programs, and thought leadership articles published by your team.
  • Proof points like overcoming challenges, pioneering programs that set you apart, and contributing visionary industry perspectives.
  • Tangible evidence that you are advancing the future of construction.

When Talent Stops By, Let’s Make Sure You Show Up

Your website and social media channels make lasting first impressions on candidates. Just as you sweat the details when constructing a new building, it pays to meticulously craft your online workplace identity. This underpins your ability to continually attract top talent.

Need expert guidance creating an engaging talent attraction strategy for your website and socials? Our team can help. We’re proud to have helped construction companies across the country establish themselves as employers of choice, driving results in recruiting, retention, and project delivery. Let’s chat, and we’ll ensure your digital showroom makes talent want to stick around.


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