Why Every Hire Wants to Know You Have a Stable Project Pipeline

Story by Gemma Beasley / July 13, 2023

Every time we talk to a candidate about your company, and the position you need to fill, we have to be able to articulate why they should talk to you, and why it could be better for them, and their career.

But it takes more than partnering with a passionate recruiter to attract top talent to your firm. Candidates need to know from you that they’ll be working somewhere that has a constant flow of reliable project work. The type that inspires a rich sense of fulfillment. And they want to see their time, energy, and talent move projects from ideation through to completion.

Because let’s be real here. The competition for highly skilled Superintendents, Project Managers, Estimators and so on is always fierce. These are candidates with options. So, to stand out as an employer of choice, it’s crucial to convey that you have a solid project pipeline and plenty of opportunities where they can contribute, right from the start.  

Now let’s explore some effective strategies to help your prospective candidates envision a successful and rewarding future with your firm.

  1. Showcase Your Legacy of Success

When it comes to demonstrating stability, few approaches are as effective as highlighting your track record of successful projects. By referencing completed ventures and ongoing developments, you’re providing tangible evidence that your firm consistently delivers high quality projects. Any great candidate will need to know this before agreeing to put your company’s name at the bottom of their business cards. They take their reputation as seriously as you do.

So during your candidate interviews, it’s helpful to delve into the details of those projects that stand out as notable successes – such as those which are high-profile or achieved wider recognition. Sharing specific examples, such as iconic structures, complex infrastructure initiatives, or landmark developments, will help them grasp the magnitude of your capabilities. And by discussing any accolades or awards (remember, you have to be in it to win it), you can reinforce your credibility and instill confidence that your organization will deliver on its promises.

Your project portfolio can also paint a vivid picture of how you handle challenges. Whether it’s a cutting-edge commercial complex, a state-of-the-art healthcare facility, or a transformative transportation infrastructure – each example serves as a testament to your ability to tackle complex projects and deliver exceptional outcomes

  1. Emphasize Long-Term Partnerships

Securing long-term contracts and fostering strong partnerships will highlight your company’s ability to sustain a solid project pipeline. During the interview process, you should discuss your ongoing relationships with key clients and the trust they place in your services. Sharing details about multi-year contracts or framework agreements demonstrates your ability to provide consistent work opportunities, ensuring the candidate’s job security and professional growth.

When discussing these contracts during interviews, emphasize the duration and scope of the partnerships. Highlight how they have allowed your company to establish a steady stream of projects. Framework agreements, in particular, showcase your company’s ability to establish long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. These agreements outline the terms and conditions for future projects, solidifying your status as a trusted partner. By sharing this information, you’re showing candidates that you can provide a continuous flow of projects and opportunities for growth.

During the interview process, you can reinforce the significance of these long-term contracts and partnerships by providing good examples, which can also help candidates to better understand how their role within your firm might play out day-to-day. 

  1. Discuss Growth Plans and Expansion

An essential aspect of stability from the candidate’s point of view, is your company’s growth trajectory and plans for the future, and critically, how well it aligns with their own. The person being interviewed wants to know that they will be joining an organization that is not only stable, but also forward-thinking and committed to expanding its operations. 

During interviews, you should provide insights into your company’s strategic vision, upcoming projects, and opportunities for advancement. By showcasing your commitment to growth, you can instill confidence in candidates that their career path will align with the company’s long-term plans. A key way of showing your firm’s growth-oriented mindset is sharing your strategic vision. Articulate the overarching goals, values, and aspirations that guide your organization. Emphasize how these principles drive decision-making processes and shape the future direction of the company. 

Outline the career progression paths available to employees, showcasing real-life examples of individuals who have excelled within your company. Discuss training programs, mentorship schemes, and other resources that support the development of employees’ skills and expertise. By illustrating a clear roadmap for growth, you attract candidates who seek long-term prospects and the chance to continuously enhance their professional capabilities.

So share information about the exciting ventures on the horizon, but don’t forget to highlight their significance and potential impact on the candidate’s career. Emphasize the scale, complexity, and innovation of these projects, as well as the opportunities they present for candidates to contribute their skills and broaden their portfolio. By showcasing a clear and compelling vision of the future, you can inspire candidates to want to join you on that journey – because it’s the best move for them. 

  1. Show Off Your Financial Stability

Financial stability is fundamental for candidates when considering their prospects for the future. They want to ensure that they are joining an organization that is financially sound and capable of weathering economic uncertainties. They might look for indicators such as a healthy balance sheet, consistent revenue growth, and a strong cash flow position. A financially stable company instills confidence in potential employees, as this suggests that your organization is well-managed, and has the resources to invest in your employees’ growth and development. 

So it should come as no surprise that a big thing they’ll be looking for is a truly competitive compensation and benefits package, inclusive of performance bonuses, retirement plans, and healthcare. Not only does this suggest your company is in a solid financial position, but candidates may also perceive you as a reliable employer who values your employees and is willing to invest in their wellbeing. 

Some candidates will also want to know that you’re in the position to invest in research and development, innovation, and expansion. This affects their ability to perform at the highest level,  and suggests that you’ll offer opportunities to tackle cutting edge and expansive projects that they might not get the chance to work on elsewhere.

Final Thought: Project Pipelines Need Talent Pipelines 

Every firm wants to see the work flowing in. But a robust project pipeline can become a problem if you find yourself constantly chasing your tail. No one wants to be on the back foot, disappointing clients, trying to find critical talent who should have been on site last week. 
If you’re looking for a proactive approach to building talent pipelines that can minimize stress and help you capitalize on every project – we can help.


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