The Construction Hiring Alliance You Can’t Afford to Overlook

Every construction leader is tasked with finding and attracting talent to support your company's growth. The trouble is, you’re supposed to do this while juggling a million other priorities. The skilled labor shortage has made hiring an increasingly daunting challenge, leaving many feeling frustrated and powerless. One often overlooked solution...

The 70% Rule: How “Good Enough” Hiring Can Beat the Construction Talent Shortage

As a recruiter in the trenches, I’ve seen the construction industry’s hiring crisis up close. Project managers are slammed, desperately piecing together teams at the last minute from shrinking candidate pools, even delaying projects when key roles go unfilled. Now I’m going to go against the grain and say I...

5 Creative Ways for Firms to Tackle the Construction Labor Shortage

Across America, once-sleepy states are transforming through rapid population growth, business investment, and major development projects. An economic resurgence has kicked the construction industry into overdrive. Billions are being poured into building the infrastructure, housing, offices, factories, and amenities needed to accommodate this expansion. Major companies are relocating operations drawn...

Competing in the New Talent Market

Organizations are reexamining how they recruit, develop, and retain talent. They have to, because the pandemic has accelerated three already existing trends among employees: the search for meaning; the desire for flexibility; and the pace of technological transformation. Employees increasingly are bringing a new set of values, needs, and desires...

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